86 Public is not your end-of-the-block pizzeria, nor is it that old school Nokia 3310 type bar. You know the type, those dodgy carpets, dark low ceilings, the kind of place that the weird uncle hangs out at. We aren’t about that.

What we are about is creating a place where you can easily bring one or two of your good work mates out for a business lunch, and then have a memorable night out on the weekend. Then still follow that up with the chilled day recovering from the night before on the weekends! Laid-back vibes ice cold, hand crafted cocktails in the sun, and some of the best food you can want for. It all seems pretty simple!

We are about great cocktails and concocting drinks that will be Instagrammed for days.
We are about making some straight up great food; so you can keep your foie-gras and Michelin stars, thanks.
We are about being easy to talk to, where a barman becomes an old friend.
We are about making memorable experiences.

We are about cool sh!t.


Want to know some freaken’ terrifying things?
1. Every single plastic straw ever made is still in existence today.
2. A turtle was found with more than 1000 pieces of plastic in its stomach.
3. Plastic does not biodegrade; it photodegrades into smaller and smaller pieces. These pieces get ingested by marine and land animals, which in turn get into our food chain.

So pretty much plastic is screwing everything up. For everyone and everything.

So in an effort to do our part, 86 Public is going plastic straw free. We will not be giving straws with drinks. If you would specifically like a straw, we do have paper ones available on request.